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The respiratory system plays a vital role in our health and the body’s ability to function. Respiratory dysfunction and conditions may cause complications, causing a shortage of breath and blood oxygen, to name a few. Finding a reliable respiratory medical device supplier is of the utmost importance for problems like sleep apnea and other conditions.



CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)


A continuous positive airway pressure device is critical for patients with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea restricts breathing in a start-stop fashion and, if left unmanaged, could pose complications like type 2 diabetes, daytime fatigue, medication complications and headaches since oxygen is restricted.


The CPAP machine helps keep the airways open continuously, and patients are able to sleep peacefully without complications.


CPAP Supplier Machines


Medical oxygen devices are perfect for patients and the rest of the folks looking to manage O2 in the comfort of their Dalton or Whitfield County, GA homes.


These Devices May Include The Following:


Oxygen conserving valve systems or oxygen conserving devices (OCD)
The oxygen conserving valve systems help control the flow of oxygen from the device to the patient. The O2 released using an OCD is only released when the machine senses the patient inhales, but while exhaling, the machine won’t release oxygen and drastically conserves O2 levels.


Continuous flow CPAP generators
The respiratory medical device supplier will also have continuous flow CPAP generators available to help power the machine when there is no electricity available. The downflow CPAP generator uses gas to power the vital machine.

Benefits Of Home Respiratory Machines



    Using a CPAP machine or device may help prevent heart conditions.

    It may prevent strokes from occurring due to a lack of oxygen in the brain.

    Could help prevent diabetes.

    Increase daytime alertness and reduce fatigue.

    It may improve concentration as patients sleep better at night.

    CPAP machines can help reduce motor vehicle accidents caused by fatigue.

    Eliminates snoring and provides a sound sleep for the patient and their partner.


Humidifiers are also available by a CPAP supplier, and together they work well to help reduce nasal irritation. Many CPAP devices also have a humidifier as a standard feature.