If you are in need of portable oxygen, the Rhythm P2 from Rhythm Healthcare offers you portability and freedom, and peace of mind!


   This unit weighs in at 4.37 pounds. It is small enough to carry over your shoulder, in a backpack, or in your purse! 


   This unit might be small but it can deliver a pulse dose oxygen concentration between 87% and 96% and offer five flow settings. 


   Whatever your oxygen needs might be, the Rhythm Healthcare P2 will travel with you to the store, the gym, or to your favorite restaurant. 


   The Rhythm P2 comes with a 2 year warranty. 



















NW Georgia Home Health & Oxygen PRICE: $2,450.00 [plus shipping] 


   Call us today at 706-226-0520 to place your order! Most major credit cards accepted [including most HSA or FLEX Cards]


Click here for detailed user guide   



Check with your insurance regarding reimbursement for this product. NW Georgia Home Health and Oxygen will not submit this to your insurance. This item can be paid for with most major credit cards of an HAS or FLEX Card. If you believe your insurance will offer reimbursement you are encouraged to contact your insurance company.